Sunday 8 June 2014

She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain

Past sketches & art out of the blue drawer

The finished art for a new book is merrily whisked off to the printers, leaving behind a vast pile of layout & character sketches, a cast of hundreds (only a slight exaggeration!) stuffed in a deep dark drawer... this post sheds light on past book projects. 
Stampeding out from my plan chest today, some sketches & art from the picture book 'She'll be Comin' Round The Mountain' written by Jonathan Emmett and based on the song of the same name. The original chorus becomes a sing-a-long adventure with train-tooting fun twists.
I created 'Clayton' the singing Cactus as the story's narrator. He nearly didn't make the final cast though.
My pen and wash visuals were the next development from pencil roughs. Sampling some colour and texture before going to full colour with painting and a sprinkle of collage. YeeHaW!

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