Thursday, 31 July 2014

Magic in the air

Hats , cats, frogs newts and witches. The new book to appear very soon!

Here are some sketches...

Friday, 11 July 2014

Pirates and portraits

Here's a visit to Grafton School for an art work shop with the reception classes.
Based on the Night Pirates book I asked my newly recruited crew to give themselves a make over. Well done shipmates!

My big book of Night Pirate sketches get things started...

House of Illustration opens in London

A summers eve with stars, champagne and an exciting new permanent venue for illustration. Quite a giddy experience as we squeezed into the elegant gallery to view the opening exhibition of founder and legend, Quentin Blake. Who more fabulous than Joanna Lumley could the House of Illustration hope to have as Patron!
There's a pantheon of artists involved in developments so there should be some inspiring events to come.

Larissa Joy Chairman of the House of Illustration


Lucky last post for She'll be Coming Round the Mountain brought me to an event where I got the chance to dress up as the character and spend time with some beautiful horses - oh bliss!